Mayder Metal Stamping was established in 1955 by Mr. Sebastià Costa-Llobet as a company dedicated entirely to dies.

Today, with more than 60 years of experience in the industry, we provide advice, make, and create solutions for all types of metal work projects. We maintain a complete perspective through our essential services and offer everything from engineering the initial design, to the finished product. This allows us to provide a comprehensive personalized service.

Our state of the art equipment uses CNC technology in machines for metal punching, laser cutting, folding, and all types of welding, among others. As a result, here in our facilities, we oversee every aspect of the products we offer.   We manufacture prototypes, pre-series, and both short and long series products.

As third-generation business owners, now with over 1500m2 in our facilities, we are specialized in a variety of sectors such as rail, electronics, lighting, furniture, laboratory equipment, displays, and solar power, among many others.



 We use the most modern platforms to respond quickly to our clients' needs and maintain the highest level of quality. CAD 3D helps us visualize projects before manufacturing, giving us a dynamic perspective on assembly, as well as a way to prevent any possible flaws. With this software we can analyze products from an aesthetic, functional, and industrial perspective. With new technologies it is possible to import and export files, visualize the projects from a company's perspective, and make notes and observations on files. We can study the pieces and assembly, bringing ideas for simplifying design and reducing the overall number of parts, helping production and optimizing costs.  We provide starting material for mechanization with equipment using CNC technology.  We design and build matrices for all stages, with various materials such as iron, aluminum alloys, galvanized metals, brass, copper, etc. We carry presses of up to 70 tonnes for processing and making end products at our facilities.  Our machine technology gives us the ability to manufacture products without investing in moulds and matrices while maintaining the same precision. Additionally, new technologies allow us to offer products whose dimensions and characteristics would not be achievable with stamps. We carry machines for laser cutting, metal punching, folding, insertables, and all types of welding or finishes.
































Commercial branch:

Engineering sales





and administration

We have a personal and experienced team to provide advice and solutions for the needs of our clients.


We give accurate estimates without compromising on the client's goals.


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Technology partners:

We are equipped with machinery that uses the newest technology, and use a management plan that guarantees the highest cost-effectiveness and efficiency.


Our production department develops plans to be able to make commitments to quality and deadlines. Our staff are highly qualified and experienced professionals in the sector.


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Here we manage purchases, scheduling, and shipping.


We provide a complete service. Through outward collaboration we are able to offer a completely finished product, painting, anodizing, screen printing, zincing, etc. We perform our own transport and shipping for timely delivery to facilities.


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Our goal is to always be improving our quality and prices.


We follow quality management systems, continuous improvement plans, process control, FMEA.


We have ongoing training programs to guarantee the highest efficiency and discipline of our team.


We have a quality policythat you can refer to on our site.


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Download our Quality Policy.



Gesin is a management program that integrates all of the company's activity and allows us to maintain transparency in all areas, which are integral to complying with ISO standards.





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We are a subcontracting company and this makes us flexible enough to respond quickly and reliably. We are conscious that our clients put their trust in us to guarantee product quality.


P. I. Coll de Montcada

C/ Vilatort, 18

08110 Montcada i Reixac

Barcelona (Spain)



Telephone 93 572 41 11

Fax 93 572 41 12



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